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The latest developments and news of Kindmax...

"This comprehensive resource for graphic designers will help you merge traditional print design skills with new technology to create imaginative, informative, and useful online experiences for clients and ultimately the end users. The Graphic Designer’s Electronic-Media Manual focuses on reigning in the specific skills and tools necessary for creating design projects for the web and beyond. You'll also find a rich collection of sound design examples for the web from studios around the world. Unlike other books on web and electronic media, this book is not a technical manual, but a visual resource packed with real-world examples of design for the web."

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KindMax Healthcare Corporation, founded by Mr. Frederic Chu and Miss Caroline Hyun, was registered in MA, USA in 1998. The company embraces its mission in serving people with healthcare in professional healthcare guidance, selected healthcare products and nice healthcare services and has demonstrated its achievements in the fields of medical care, rehabilitation therapy, athletic medicine, beauty care, homecare and first aid.

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